began his dynamic course in the area of quality furniture in Alonia of Magoula. With care and passion for the furniture as in combination with persistence in the construction details as a professional in his field. Designs that were first presented in Greece conquered the world like very characteristic folding bed - wardrobe bed.

Then came his three sons Marcos, Andreas and Nikos to the workforce of the company. Today, in the furniture industry, they are ranked among the best Greek manufacturers with recognition outside the borders of the country.


the company creates functional and modern furniture with many points of reference from ancient Greek culture. The passion of brothers Fytros is classical furniture, where the master has to put all his experience and art.
Every challenge for a special design, furnishing the space with classic furniture that causes smiles to the faces of brothers Fytros.
The use of the best materials and special know-how in wood carving guarantee unique quality and aesthetics.


Great pride and recognition for the furniture Fytros was the confidence of the “Diplario School” for the holding of furniture seminars, by Nikolaos Fytros, in our facilities.

The Fytros family with dedication, passion and innate talent, today manages to be one of the most experience construction

After 59 years of experience, the Fytros company with talent, dedication and passion is able to produce everything from wood.


the company always have something special to present that often creates trends both in Greece and abroad. 

The budget and stand out for their quality. We use the technology that generates larger and more efficient innovative "platforms", targeting different markets at the same time. The biggest opportunity for us is the partnership that we "build" with our partners by continuously exploring with them, the needs and the "wishes" of consumers. By maintaining and expanding this relationship, we are setting a strong foundation for steady growth.

In order to achieve the goals we have set and continue to carry out the actions we have designed and implemented over the years, we must remain faithful to our vision. Let's make it our compass, and each time with a small step we will achieve something big.